Sunday, November 30, 2008


After having a two winning streak against the Bucks and the Knicks, it was almost expected the Pistons would steal another one against the Blazers...not so much after a disappointing first quarter performance by the starters, Michael Curry decided to put them on the bench and let the Zoo Crew finished the half. Final score 96-85.
  • Out of all the starters who were about to make it a blowout game, Rip was the one who came with an acceptable stat, led the team with 18 points on a 6-12 field goal but he was -13 on the +/-
  • Although Curry is having a hard time adjusting with the line up he has now, I'm still in his bandwagon. For a simple fact that he is not afraid to sit all his starters and replace them with the ones who are more eager to put blood and sweat on the floor.
  • It seems to me that everytime the starters are back on the floor, the Pistons' engine gets on halt mode
  • Stuckey led the Zoo Crew with 15 points and 5 dimes but with 5 turnover
  • Amir also led the Zoo Crew on boards with 8
  • Just like what Curry has been declaring all summer, whoever wins the rebound battle most likely will win the game. Pistons lost 35-29
  • With the exception of Maxiell, the Zoo Crew dominated the starters on +/- points, -83 (-28 on A.I.) to +23. So why the hell would Curry keep the starters on the floor!!!?
  • I have to give credit to the Blazers, but the Pistons didn't lose this game because of the Blazers but because of themselves. Sorry but I'm just not convince the Blazers are better than a 6th consecutive Eastern Conference appearance team...plain and simple

Whether the Pistons win or lose on any games throughout the next few weeks, I'd have to remind myself that they are in a summer camp mode since A.I. has arrived, as declared by Michael Curry. However, I'd have to say that defense is a choice to make whether you'd play for it or not. It's not like shooting that you have to get into a rhytm. With that said, I expect them to not fall asleep against the Spurs on Tuesday because Poppavich is a surgeon on creating big opportunities on the very tiny mistakes the opposing team makes.

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