Monday, November 10, 2008

Massacre at the Palace

There's no other way to put it in one word....Massacre. The score (88-76) may not reflect that, as much as what happened in the game. I'm sure by now, reporters, commentators and speculators are throwing things around as: It was a mistake to trade Chauncey Billups to AI....Well, at this point, Pistons cannot really argue until they prove that it is not. Only winning games can prove that. All I can say is Celtics had fun at the Palace.
- Rip was sub-zero cold ice....I remember 9 minutes left in the 4th, no FG. Damn!!!!
- What the hell is up with the careless passing, AI, Rip and Stuckey
- Amir, Bynum & Prince were the only Pistons I saw.....Everybody else is MIA
- Same goes for Rasheed, out of sync...Plus, what happen to his post up???
- Celtics bench just killed Pistons'
As much as I would love to say more about the game, its better not to.....I rather have the "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything" attitude. Michael Curry needs to do some major analysis on what's going on with this team. There's a huge lack of effort and passion as a team......I would start with Rasheed and Rip. They better come up with something quickly because the westcoast trip is coming around fast (Sacramento on Tue, Golden State on Thurs, and LAL on Fri).

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