Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A.I. Began To Strike

A.I. gets his first win 100-92 in a game against the Kings. Allen was one assist shy away from a double-double, 30 points and 9 assist while Prince had 26 points with 11 rebounds. The Pistons were having a hard time getting over the hump almost throughout the whole entire game. They were down by double digit in the first quarter but caught up by half time at 50. In the second half, they just couldn't break away from the Kings until the final 2 minutes of the fourth quarter when AI made a three pointer and a mid range shot from Prince where they finally took control of the game.

- A.I. was great, his moves and reaction shows how he's becoming more familiar with his teamates along with the Pistons playbook
- Bynum was great cutting to the defensive teeth of Kings
- Although Sheed didn't show his stat, he's presence was felt
- A.I. dish to Kwame in the paint...Twice!!! I smell offensive chemistry
- Prince continue to be aggresive
- Rip did play better, but he's still not out of his slump, 4 for 16

Pistons stays in Cali for few more games, Golden State on Thursday and Lakers on Friday. After that, they'll go to Planet Orange to play the Suns before heading back home. I hope Stuckey will make it to the Bay Area.

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