Friday, November 14, 2008

7-0 and playing in LA.....We Don't Care!!!

The Pistons started the game as if they don't care the Lakers are undefeated this season and they're in the Lakers' turf. All it matter was to get a win against whoever..... wherever. The Pistons handed the Lakers their first loss of the season with the final score 106-95. The Lakers were pretty much playing catch up almost the whole game.
  • A.I. is just getting better and better....25 points with 4 steals

  • As if the big worry for the Pistons are the Lakers Frontline, Bynum only 8 points in 30mins while Gasol with 13 points for 40 minutes

  • Sheed practically beat the starting frontline of the Lakers (Bynum and Gasol) with 25 points and 13 boards (Bynum and Gasol combine for 21 points and 18 boards)
  • Whatever people said about Kwame, especially fans from LA, all I had to say was..."Give me a player who became a Pistons that got worst"....and then some "Did you know who Billups and Hamilton before they moved to Pistons" do the Math.
  • Kwame showed the Lakers how they should've utilized him, he finished with 10 points and 10 rebounds
  • Maxiell presence was felt once again.....a putback dunk
  • It's raining 3 pointers in Staples center, except not by the Lakers but by Sheed and Prince
  • Pistons frontcourt dominated Lakers' so as their backcourt
  • I'm so impress with the execution of Pistons
  • A.I.'s addition is starting to show that the opposing defense is getting scrambled, leaving other Piston jerseys for wide open shots...this should give McDyess more motivation to return
  • All I could say about Prince now is, "as usual good performance"18 points with 6 assists
  • Although Rip had 12 points, he was 3 for 10. I wouldn't worry about it, considering Kobe is an amazing defender
  • Kobe led his Lakers with 29 points but had to take 30 shots
The Pistons are done in Cali but will be playing one more game on their westcoast trip. Their last game will be in Planet Orange against the Phoenix Suns. I'm glad they got this win, not only for handing the Lakers their first loss but for making a dry-run on how to defend conventional Frontline. Because after containing Bynum and Gasol, the Pistons will be up for more challenges of Stoudemire/Shaq.

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