Monday, November 17, 2008

Almost Perfect

The Detroit Pistons ended their 4 game westcoast road trip with one loss against the Phoenix Suns last night. Shaq was dominating the game in the first quarter but ejected later on due to a flagrant 2 foul that sent Rodney Stuckey hard on the floor. Just when the Pistons thought they could've used a breathing room, the Suns were already on fire and had the momentum along with the people in Planet Orange.

  • Why do I get the feeling that Amir is becoming a non-factor in the game
  • A.I. and Prince combined 6 for 28, its hard to win with this
  • Wallace cryptonite is Shaq, Pistons fans knows this
  • Rip played well and led the team, 7 for 13 with 19 points
  • A.I. with 9 points, lowest points as a Pistons
  • Not a good idea to put Prince again on Diaw
  • I'm sure Porter had his own scouting report against his former team
  • Sheed still played decent with 11 points with 9 rebounds
  • Good night for Kwame again, 4 for 4 with 10 points

Shaq's presence was felt by the Pistons and had them off their guard. When Pistons played the Phoenix with Shaq last season, Pistons were 2-0 against them, including a National TV in Phoenix that practically massacred the Suns. It's pretty clear that Suns new coach Terry Porter, former Assistant Coach for the Pistons had a lot to do with it. He knows how to utilize big and strong Frontline at both ends of the floor. Fortunately after the westcoast trip, Pistons could get a breathing and more practice with A.I. since their next game is not schedule until Wednesday against Cleveland. The only problem is its a back to back following a game against the Celtics at Boston.

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