Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pistons Riddle was Devin Harris

I don't care how you put it....whether its AI's debut, team chemistry is still in development with him, Chauncey's offensive set is missed, or Dyess presence would've been a good impact. From what I saw, Devin Harris gave the Pistons a little taste of why the Nets decided to re-build the team around him. The first quarter was a riddle that wasn't challenging for the Pistons to run their offense and defense, but when the second quarter started, question marks started flying in the air that their answers were not fast enough.

- How in the world will they stop Devin Harris from Penetrating and drawing fouls
- Boone's score doesn't bother me, but 14 rebounds??? C'mon!
- Too many jump shots from the Pistons? I hope Michael Curry gives them hell of a practice
- I did not see much defensive effort on Sheed and Kwame. What the hell??? Kwame was too busy getting inspired by Harris while Sheed was playing again against the officials not against the Nets
- But frontcourt's defense may have scrambled due to Harris penetration
- Amir was nowhere to be found
- Good job by the backcourt, AI, Rip and Stuck
- I did find that the referees were making no calls on the hits and bumps towards AI, Rip and Stuck but that doesn't justify Sheeds distraction to the officials
- I wouldn't be surprise if today's practice would be about basics on how to attack zone defense
- AI's debut performance was great
- I can't wait for the Pistons to play them again, I'll put money that Harris will not play like that again, not against the Pistons at least

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