Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back On Track

After a devastating loss to the T'Wolves who was 2-9 this season, the Pistons got back to their basics with an inspiration of knowing that McDyess is returning during the holidays.

  • Amir's blockshots has returned
  • A.I. looks a little more attach to the team on the court
  • Is the A.I. to Max lob crazy or what!?
  • The defensive intensity of the Pistons has picked up. It shouldn't be surprising to know that it's there, the problem is the consistency. Lets see it on the next game.
  • Rip led the team with 17 points with 8 of 13 field goal
  • 8 Pistons in double figure
  • Amir's presence were not only felt because of his usual blockshot, but 13 boards!!!!
  • Same thing for Stuckey, 11 assist!!!! That's just show how good a point guard is on making a decision.

Next game will be against Milwaukee on Friday. I expect the same defensive intensity from everyone.

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