Friday, November 14, 2008

Run and Gun....The Pistons!!!?

The Detroit Pistons went on their 2nd winning streak after disposing the Golden State Warrior on their own turf. Although Pistons were making a run on the 2nd half the Bay Area fans were impress, nevertheless on how the Pistons dictate a fast tempo against one of the fastest fastbreak team in the league. That's what a combination of A.I. and Rip along with the young second unit would do to a team.

- Turnover problem increased in the 2nd quarter and especially in the third
- Pistons were down by as high as 12 in the beginning of third
- A.I. is becoming a better passer deep in the paint
- Rasheed sent a message that Zone Defense ain't gonna' work when his couple of shots dropped from beyond the arc during crunch time
- Rip's shooting slump has finally ended, he was 7 of 15 who also led the team with 24 points
- Although Prince only had 10 points, he was too busy handling the board with 16 rebounds
- Rip's new backcourt buddy (A.I.) came up with 23 points with 9 assist
- I was upset about the conservative calls for Magette, three foul calls in a row on the block, ITS A DAMN CONTACT SPORT REF!
- Rip hit the dagger with his curl signature move to close the deal with a little over a minute left
- I'm glad Sheed got his mind off of that technical foul when he came back
- Maxiell came with his signature dunk again
- Bynum (with 6 points, less than 12 minutes) continue to impress everyone of attacking the paint including the commentators Marv A and Doug Collins
- Afflalo's two critical strong "AND 1" gives the Pistons a big push
The Pistons aren't done yet in Cali. Tonight they'll be facing the Lakers who's currently undefeated this season. Pistons frontcourt hasn't really been consistently productive until last nights game, with Rasheed leading the way. Amir, Maxiell and Kwame would need to step it up a few notch because LA's big (Bynum and Gasol) will definitely create some problems. On the other hand, even if they have Kobe, Pistons backcourt will be loaded with A.I., Rip, Bynum, Afflalo and the return of Stuckey. It'll be interesting to see who will guard Kobe, although we know Prince is the "Kobe Specialist" someone needs to cover Odom. I expect Curry will be rotating the assignment between Rip, Afflalo and Prince.

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