Thursday, November 20, 2008

Better Now Than Later

According to Michael Curry this game is about attitude for the Pistons...That was nowhere to be seen unless the attitude he was looking for is lack of enthusiasm. There maybe some good things or shouldy I say little good things that the boys might have done, but it couldn't be better than its better we lose now, than in the playoffs. It's better to know what the riddles now (against Celtics) after two games than after two games in a 7 game series.

  • Is it me or is it almost everytime the Pistons comes out of time out, they commit a turnover. That just defeats the purpose of it

  • I'm not buying the "We had a game back to back" because beating the Lakers after a tough win in the Bay Area was clearly do-able

  • This game was no different than their first game this season, except its on National TV and its far the most embrassing game ever this season

  • Celtics are talking a lot of $#!&, or at least according to TNT announcers, 25 technicals and counting already this season

  • Rasheed's presence were actually felt, the 3s were there, the defense were there, but against the Celtics, he's gonna' need help were Dyess presence is missed badly

  • 15 total assist with 4 minutes left to play......Clearly no ball movement

  • Though the game has already been decided halfway 4th, Bynum is showing some sign of earning his minutes. I'm electing Bynum to be the reserve point guard ahead of Stuckey

  • I'm almost convince that Prince' game this season has moved to another level compare to all those years, apparently not, until he proves he can compete against team that dominates the SF position (Lebron, Prince)

  • If I'm Michael Curry, I would have to point out A LOT on their defense, particulary pick and roll especially on Rondo and help defense in the interior. I didn't see a physical defensive team that I've always anticipated to be on a consistent basis

The schedule for the rest of the month should give the Pistons time to practice with A.I. and put a clamp on what Curry's been declaring on bringing back the Bad Boys defense. 5 games for the rest of the month with 2-3 days apart against non-championship contender plus, all are at home should be a big brake. I expect a better Pistons by the end of the month.

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