Tuesday, November 4, 2008

AI Ready To Sacrifice To Win

As most people know by now, the big news in Piston Land is the arrival of Allen Iverson. As I mentioned yesterday, I have faith that he will follow Michael Curry's lead. Fortunately, I wasn't expecting that this will happen over night, until I heard his first press conference as a Piston.

From MLive
"I have done so many things in this league, as far a being an All-Star, a scoring champion, All-NBA first team, but I haven't accomplished my number one goal, and that's to win a championship."
"Like I was telling Joe (Dumars) earlier today, I'm willing to sacrifice whatever I have to sacrifice to get it done. I've tried it my way plenty of my times. I've tried it different ways and it hasn't been done. Once again, I have to look at myself, I have to look in the mirror at myself and think of things I can do to help us to win a championship. Maybe there are some things I have to change.
One thing is for sure, two things for certain, I'm going to do whatever the coach wants me to do on the basketball court. If he gives me an assignment, I'll just try to carry it out to the fullest."

Yet I'm not that surprise because knowing Joe (Dumars) he wouldn't take on AI unless he has 3 things in order to be a Piston. Talent, Character and Winning, regardless of the sacrifice you have to make as a player. Below is a video of one of my favorite basketball player defending Iverson.

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