Sunday, June 1, 2008

Top Runner Pistons Coach

There are no indication (yet) that Flip Saunders is going to lose his job as Detroit Pistons Head Coach. For the sake of conversation, if that happens, here are the top runner coach for the Detroit Pistons.

Chuck Daly
Credibility: NBA Hall of Famer, Lead the Detroit Pistons to 2 Championship, Olympic Gold Medal winner of Dream Team
Plus: Known for his defensive coaching and inventor of the Jordan Rules
Minus: Given the timeframe how the NBA has changed so much in officiating, he's defensive coaching scheme during the Bad Boys may come as a problem.
Possibility: Given the fact he is retired, it's considered from very slim to none.

Bill Laimbeer
Credibility: Won 2 NBA Championship with the Detroit Pistons as a player and another 2 as a coach with the Detroit Shock in WNBA.
Plus: Known for his defensive mindset as a player during the Bad Boys era. With experience to win a championship as a player and as a coach is a big plus.
Minus: Transitioning from WNBA to NBA as a coach may come as a challenge.
Possibility: Given the fact he had an interview with Isiah Thomas for the New York Knicks it is a possibility that Joe Dumars would consider him as one of the candidates which he had in the past.

Michael Curry
Credibility: Current Assistant Coach of the Detroit Pistons
Plus: Familiarity with the current roster/system of the Detroit Pistons. Head Trainer of the Zoo Crew
Minus: No Head Coach experience
Possibility: Just a stamp from Joe Dumars

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