Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Look Around The League

Shaq got punish for telling the Truth
After including in his rap "Kobe couldn’t do without me" indicating that Kobe couldn't win a championship without him, his badge will be confiscated. Wait a minute, I thought its the other way around, you get punish for telling a lie.

Melo Trade Talk Has Re-Open
Now that Melo plead guilty to reduce the charge to 24 hour community service and $1000+ fine, trade doors might just open. Why? Because by pleading guilty simply means that you are admitting to what you were accuse of......Or, there's no way you're gonna' win your case. That said, that just adds up to his wrap sheet. He knows it, Nuggets knows it, everybody knows it.

TJ Ford In...Barbosa Out?
Another trade rumor have surfaced from Canada all the way to the Valley of the Rising Sun...Phoenix. This would be a lost cost for the Suns only because Barbosa is more consistent in the scoring end than Ford, except Ford has some advantage on the defensive side, plus he can play above the rim. Nevertheless, I would never trade "Road Runner" for Ford if I were Steve Kerr.

Rodney Stuckey's Character
How can you not like his game? His emergence during the 2007-2008 playoffs, not to mention its his rookie year....Wait, there's more to that. Along with his talent, heres a small piece of him as a person:
Stuckey was a stand up guy, and was super nice, but he had to laugh at my introduction I gave him before the interview.

"Um... hi Rodney, I'm Brandon Hansen, you know... the photographer... I take photos of you during games."

"Yeah, I know you, why did you introduce yourself? We've already talked before."

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