Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Look Around the League

Its St. Patrick Tonight in Boston
Its been 22 years since the last time the Celtics has won an NBA title. Tonight, you can't ask for a better night, winning at home on the 17th day of June with the 17th NBA Celtics title. KG, Pierce, Allen and the supporting cast showed how much they wanted it and played with their heart throughout 48 minutes. The result, a complete domination that shred the Lakers into pieces. Paul Pierce receive his fair share of appreciation as the Finals MVP.

Goodbye LA........Love Kobe
As many of us know, Kobe loves to start a drama whenever a season for him has ended, without a ring. Last year he demanded trade publicly without even discussing to Lakers General Manager. Later that summer, he said some harsh words to random people in Orange County about his team mate Andrew Bynum. Can you get any more unprofessional than that? If anything, at least he receive his first Season MVP and hopefully that should keep his "drama aura" lower this summer. Regardless, whether you're a Kobe Lover or Kobe Hater it'll be exciting to see what Kobe has to say this summer. My guess.....might have something to do with the Zen Master Phil Jackson.

Zen Master is a Coach for Multiple Superstar Players
Without Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen he hasn't won a championship.....Without Kobe and Shaq, he hasn't won a championship. That just tells you something that the Zen cannot transfer any young talented players or team into the likes of his Superstars, Kobe and MJ. There is no doubt that his calm "no worry" looks attitude does not work with the likes of Vujacic, Farmar, Radmanovic and Gasol.....Players like these lives with instruction and motivation from a coach who demands committment and Zen isn't just the type of guy. Similarly, Kobe never won a title without Shaq, while Shaq proved that he can.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.....Deserves it...Celtics Deserves it.

As a big Pistons fan, it stings that Celtics put the Pistons away in Game 6 at their homecourt. With that regard, I have to give it to them, they deserve to win it all this year. As for Garnett and Pierce, they have they fair share of long wait, Garnett in Minnesota and Pierce in Boston. They've gone through the ups and down and painful memory, now its time to collect their own. All I said....they better win the championship since they defeated the 2nd best team (regular season record) in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons.

The Lakers has no business winning this year
If you only go back to think about it, you may realize its a wishful thinking. Ever thought about the path the Lakers took to get to the finals? Easy, they played Denver, one of the worst defensive team in the league, also they played San Antonio Spurs, one of the best defensive team in the league. The difference? The Spurs has to go through a series of physical and fast pace team known as Shaq/Stoudemire/Nash Suns. Then they have to go through Chris Paul's and the young New Orleans. Spurs simply ran out of gas by the time they face the lakers. While Celtics, their playoff path are swarmed with the extraordinary talent of King James and the six time gate keeper of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Detroit Pistons. Just because Paul Gasol created an offensive chemistry with Kobe doesn't mean the Lakers became a better defensive team. Offense win games but defense wins championship. Today, that still stands considering the officiating has changed tremendously.....Proof? Detroit Pistons in 2004, San Antonio Spurs in 2005, Miami Heat in 2006, San Antonio in 2007 and this year its Boston. Its not coincident that these team won the title. Its defense that wins championship.

The Jordan-Kobe Comparison has finally come to an end
When I was a kid, MJ was a hero and an inspiration......The first time I heard comparison between MJ and Kobe just made me sick. Geez, thanks for ruining my childhood basketball memory....Tonight after seeing Game 6 of the championship, I'm relief including this:
Not to belabor the point because it's a moot discussion at this point, but MJ didn't have a "kryptonite" flaw. He just didn't. Of everyone from the '90s, John Starks probably defended him the best ... and it's not like Starks was shutting him down or anything. He just made MJ work a little harder for the points he was getting anyway. The point is, Jordan did whatever he wanted during a much more physical era, and when he faced great defensive teams -- like the '89 and '90 Pistons or the '93 Knicks -- nobody ever shackled him or knocked him into a scoring funk. Kobe? He looks a little lost offensively against the Celtics. It's true. Same for the 2004 Finals against Tayshaun Prince, another lanky defensive player with a good reach. Just remember to mention this on his NBA tombstone some day.

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