Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Front Man Has Spoken

Detroit Pistons President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars has spoken. The bottom line? Very unhappy about the result for the past 3 years and seems very determined and motivated on making some changes this summer.

I have no interest in completely ripping the team down, but would I look to make significant changes? Yeah, you're damn right I will, I'm telling you I will.
This is a big indication that Joe will be willing to give up 1 or 2 players from the main core of the Pistons, meaning Wallace, Billups, Prince and Hamilton. Although, Billups has the longest contract of all of them, Wallace has only one year left which makes him the easier player to be traded which lead to a question; Who will be traded along with Wallace?

Im not gonna' listen to any excuses this year. I'm equally disappointed for 3 straight years.
Enough is enough. Who wouldn't agree with Joe. After all the excuses of not getting to the NBA finals due to endless excuses year after year, Fans and apparently Joe has seen enough. When you've made it to the Conference Finals three straight years, and show up without a sense of urgency, you know something has to change.

Make no mistake, everybodys in play.
Not only change in the roster will occur, but anyone could be a possible trade. However, I highly doubt that few of the young players will be traded such as Stuckey, Maxiell, Afflalo, Johnson and Samb. While the rest, better be on the look out.

The last 10 minutes of Game 6, that's the microcosm of the last 3 years...I've seen enough...
Joe's analogy of the meltdown during the last 10 minutes of game 6 (when Pistons were up by 10 points) couldn't be explained better than he did. The sense of urgency was completely not there and so as the last couple of years after the opportunities of being in the Eastern Conference Finals for threee straight years.

Its not just Flip (Saunders), everybody's in play, everybodys accountable.
As I mentioned to a lot of fans (and non-Pistons fans) for the past years is not just Flip's fault. Pistons is built to become successful as a team and it has been, including a title in 2004. This simply means that when a failure occurs, they failed as a team, everyone is accountable.

This team became too content and did not show up with a sense of urgency to get it done.
There isn't any better way on how Joe can emphasize the urgency of getting it done. It's plain and simple get it done and show up with a sense of urgency. Not getting it done for the past 3 years in the Eastern Conference Finals is an evident with a lack of urgency. Speficially, after winning Game 2 against the Boston and lose Game 3 at home is a prime example of not having a sense of urgency, especially on how the game turned out.

The reason why I haven't gotten a phone call about players trade because for the past 5 years, I said nobodys in play, but after I leave here today (after press-conference), people will know were in play now.
Joe mentioned that he did get 4 phone call regarding the coaching opening in the team right after the media announced Flip Saunders departure. With that in mind, you better believe his phone started ringing right after he left the press conference regarding players bargaining.

The change has begun, with Flip Saunders being the first in line, its only the beginning. In the next week or so, we will soon find out who's going to lead this team, and eventually, who will be in the team.

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