Monday, June 9, 2008

No Stranger

There you have it. As predicted, Michael Curry will be the new head coach of the Detroit Pistons for the next couple of years. Curry has done a tremendous job in developing the Pistons' bench also known as the Zoo Crew, prior to that, an executive in the league. But are these the only reason how he got the job given the fact that he only has 1 year of experience as an assistant coach? Curry sees the vision that Dumars wants to have for his team; a defensive caliber team that will bring home a championship. I'm thrilled and excited on Curry's style of play on rebuilding the Pistons because from this point on, I expect him to demand defensive intensity both from the starters and the bench. I also expect that (other than Rodney Stuckey) at least 1 or 2 of his bench player will emerge early in the season, Amir Johnson or/and Aaron Afflalo. And most of all, he demands respect, so any Pistons player better have his eyes and ears towards him when he commands which is what the veterans needs.

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