Saturday, June 7, 2008

Head Coach Status

As Joe Dumars mentioned a few days ago, the Head Coach position will be filled sooner vs. later "We will act on it quickly". In that regard, Joe has already sat with Assistant Coach Michael Curry but obviously hasn't made a decision whether he will be the next Head Coach. Also, Pistons asked Atlanta's permission to interview Mike Woodson who is currently the Head Coach of the Hawks....who? Yeah, the team who became pesky for the Boston Celtics that made the series all the way to game 7. Woodson led the Hawks to compete with the Boston Celtics in the first round playoff of this year. Although, they loss in the series, it was a great run especially after many predicted that they were going to get swept. Woodson was also the main Assistant Head Coach in the Detroit Pistons' during the Larry Brown era in 2004 when the the Pistons won the championship. Many of the veteran players in Detroit have a great respect for him. As for my prediction of other candidates such as Bill Laimbeer and Avery Johnson, no news or rumor yet that's floating around.

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