Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trade Talk Has Begun

After Michael Curry has been introduced to the media as Detroit Pistons new Head Coach, Dumars reminded the media that everybodys (still) in play.

“I knew the phone was going to start ringing and I knew following that the rumors would start,” he said. “I’ll say this – we’re not talking to teams about their second- or third-best player. If I’m going to put these types of guys on the market, then don’t waste your time talking to me about guys you don’t like. Nothing is imminent. … They know we’re open.”

Dumars said he’s talked to about 10 teams since smoking out interested trade partners last week with his “everyone is in play” proclamation and the rumors – as Dumars knew they would – have been flying ever since. Carmelo Anthony is one of the hot topic in the trade rumor by sending Chauncey Billups back in his native town in exchange for Melo.

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