Friday, June 20, 2008

Talent, Character, and Winning it All

As the trade and mock draft speculations continues to grow, nothing has really been put on stone if there's any truth to all the rumors of swapping any players....Here's one that may be qualified to be put on stone.....As the draft gets closer, this is the time when trade comes around. A team needs to decide whether:

case 1: they're willing to give up their draft pick position for a proven NBA talent
case2: decide whether to give up their key player for a decent lottery pick.

As for the Detroit Pistons, I highly doubt that they get any "ready player" for next season for the 29th pick which leads us to case 2, similar but not for a lottery pick. When the Pistons exited the Eastern Conference finals, Joe Dumars made an appearance the following week that change is destined to happen and anyone could be traded (with exception of Rodney Stuckey). He also made it clear that he's not just gonna' give his guys away. He has no interest on anyone unless the best key player from a trading partner is involve in the trade. Its pretty clear Joe is going to have a Superstar in Detroit before Summer Camp begin in October.

My Wishful thinking? Maybe.......considering one of the many player that I wanted to wear a Pistons jersey next year. Did this player cross in Joe Dumars mind? Damn right it did, I have no doubts its on his long list of trade possibilities....Will he pull the trigger? Well, that's what the NBA summer break is for......We'll soon find out.

Tracy Mcgrady. From what I heard from thousands of fans about Tmac wearing a Pistons jersey is close to about 50-50. The ups? Proven All star and can create shots pretty much anywhere in the court. The downs? Going 30 years old and had some injury history. In addition to that, never made out of the 1st round playoffs. My thoughts are a little different from the ups and downs of the fans. When Kevin Garnett was traded to Boston, did they even think about KG's number of appearances in the playoffs? Not that I know. Injury history....This is pretty broad and general, I haven't heard many players who haven't had an injury, whether its minor or major, everyone has this. His age? Wait a minute, I thought Kevin Garnett is 32? It's true and he finally got a ring. The truth is, Mcgrady has been heart broken as much as Kevin Garnett. Consequently, he's hungry to get out of the 1st round, he has been inspired by so many things such as 22 winning streak, one of the best highlight of the 2007-2008 season. Also one of the biggest comeback after being down by 10 in less than a minute and pulled out a win over the San Antonio Spurs. In addition, Tmac is too hungry and inspired to win a title. If there's anybody similar to KG of really wanting to win a title, it would have to be Tmac. He'd do anything to get there. Also, he's been an inspiration to his team mates off and on the court. Sounds familiar....? Having a Talent, Character and to sacrifice anything for the sake of Winning it all.....It's exactly what Joe Dumars is looking for as a Pistons player. Joe would never settle for only having 1 or 2 out of the 3 traits he's looking for. Do I think Tmac is on Joe's Trades List....Damn right he is, he might be even on the top list.

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