Saturday, June 28, 2008

NBA Draft Ends.....Trade Market Begins

The Detroit Pistons came up with Walter Sharpe from the draft night. Since I'm not a big fan of the draft, I'm not gonna get into too much details about it including the fact that there's tons of information around the league. Although I do want to make a note that most people in Piston Land were surprise of this pick, I do know that there's a good explanation to it especially if you're a big Joe Dumars fan like me. In the end, it comes out not surprising when Joe made a remark:

“He’s good, man, he’s good,” Dumars said. (From, trueblue)

Now that the draft is done, the exciting nba summer begins.......The trade market will be filled with names and teams that we are all waiting for. Pistons will be one of the hot topics in the trade market. Let the bidding begin!

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