Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dance Partner?

A few days ago, Joe Dumars addressed the media that he will make significant changes in his roster with the exception of not just giving away his core players, but getting something valuable back. However, he mentioned, in order to do that, you gotta' have a dance partner. Here are some of the potential dance partner.

A. Phoenix - The Suns could be in the cost-cuttingmode. Sheed's expiring contract would be veryinteresting to them. It's not out of the question thatthey might field offers for Amare Stoudemire.
B. Dallas - The Mavs need to shake things up, too.Plus, they just hired Rick Carlisle, who has deepadmiration for the Pistons' regulars. Would the Mavsbe willing to move Dirk Nowitzki? It's worth a try.
C. Charlotte - Larry Brown's there. LB loves Sheed.The Bobcats have a center whom they might not wantlong-term (Emeka Okafor) and a shooting guard fromthis area with a big contract (Jason Richardson). Itmakes sense on a lot of levels.
D. Los Angeles Clippers - Elton Brand is coming off awashout year (Achilles) but he's still one of thepremier low-post scorers in the league. And they'rethe Clippers, who are known to do silly things.
E. Houston - It might take Rip, Tay and Sheed to getthe Rockets to think about giving up T-Mac. If theRockets throw in Shane Battier, that would really makeit interesting. Plus, I'd like to see Shane come home.

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Anonymous said...

These trades don't even work.

There's plenty of sites out their where you can check salary implications of proposed deals.