Monday, June 2, 2008

On The Spotlight

Speculations says that Rasheed Wallace will be traded. Does this mean he's responsible for the meltdown of the Eastern Conference Finals? Furthermore, is he the plague that's causing the Detroit Pistons from winning another championship? Relax. Nothing is settle unless you hear it from Joe Dumars. Wallace was a big part of the 2004 NBA Championship. He was the missing fuel that kept the Pistons going on all cylinders along with Hamilton, Billups, Big Ben and Tayshaun Prince. Because of his ability to score in the paint and shoot in midrange and even behind the arc along with his defensive skills he becomes one of the most talented players in the NBA. How can you trade a player with this kind of talent? Maybe that's not the right question to ask whether he'll be in the Pistons line-up or not based on his talent. The question is, whether he still has what it takes to meet Joe Dumars' requirement; the 3 skill-set that he looks for before bringing a player into his wings. Talent, Character and Winning. Obviously, there is no question about Wallace' talent however his character has been questioned for so many times which may have affected the last requirment; Winning. Character doesn't necessarily mean that you get along with your teamates it just simply means that you have the integrity and courage to face adversity and to withstand it. So, the right question to ask: Does he have the same character that he had when he came to Detroit and help win a championship?

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