Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pistons Fact and Rumor for the Future

After the season for the Detroit Pistons has ended, reporters and fans are swarming all over the Pistons area including the team's lockers clean out this morning and all having similar questions:
1. What's gonna' happen now?
2. Is Flip gonna' get fired, who we'll be the new coach?
3. What's Joe Dumars' plan?
4. Who's going to get traded and who will stay?

Here are the mere Facts answering questions 1 & 3
1. Most of the Detroit Pistons will have a nice summer vacation.
3. Joe Dumars will start preparing for the draft.

Here are the mere Rumors answering questions 2 & 4
2. Yes, Flip will be fired. Either Assistant Coach Michael Curry or Avery Johnson will take the head coach
4. More trade will occur in the bench rather than in the starting line-up with the exception of the Zoo Crew.

In addition to questions 2 & 4 here is a video clip that introduces you to the Zoo Crew and Assistant Coach Michael Curry. The Zoo Crew indicates a bright future for the Detroit Pistons.

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