Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter Pistons Chill

As the snow continues to fall and the temperature continue to drop, believe it or not, the Pistons aren't sinking along with the weather. The mesh and the development of the new line up is yet to come....the best is yet to come. With that in mind, road blocks and tons of trials are inevitable as the winter blows.

Dyess' Roll

The Pistons could've not started the holidays any better than getting McDyess back. If you think either Wallace, Hamilton, Prince or Iverson is the heart and soul of the Pistons, think again. McDyess intentionally rejected couple millions of dollars just to be back in Detroit along with his old teamates. Remember last year playoffs after breaking his nose? After, being left in Detroit for that injury but rejoining his team on the road to play the game....Remember speaking out for the first time in locker room, when everybody froze just to listen what he has to say...Remember the 21 points and 11+ rebounds during the ECF? I don't think Dyess could sail the ship on his own, but knowing the guy would play his heart out on the floor could be contagious and that's what the Pistons may be lacking.

Defense Isn't the Problem...Consistent Defense Is

Accepting the loss to Philly and Washington may not be hard, but swallowing it could be disgusting. After building a good amount of lead and controlling most of the first 3 quarters and then losing makes me want to jump in a below zero river so maybe then I could forget those lead that went to waste. Michael Curry said it, once the Pistons are starting to be out of synch in the offensive end, their defense is sinking as well. Their composure is simply giving up and their mental toughness becomes stale.....obviously, physical toughness would be nothing without mental. Pistons has so many offensive weapon that sometimes their forgetting how to play the other end of the game. The defense on this two previous games were fading away as the game started to unravel.

Iverson Into the Mix Update

The bottom line is, IT'S STILL IN PROGRESS. From the way I see it, he could carry the Pistons if he chooses too, and he's proven that on some of the games he played. The question is if he could carry his team mates along with him that will result to getting to the Promise Land in June. This is why the question who got the best of the Iverson/Billups trade won't be answered until summer.

Curry Still In Command

More importantly, Joe Dumars has confident in his team that time come playoffs, the Pistons would be a better team and they will be very very unpredictable on their offense. A series of jump shooters along with multiple slasher. Dumars and Curry both have high respect to each other and their minds are almost identical when it comes to perceiving the red, blue and white boys. They're like Professor X and Cyclops. Curry's moves are pretty much supported by Dumars just like Curry's support on Dumars on the Iverson/Billups trade. A prime example of Curry's move is injecting Stuckey into the starting line-up. Something that's expected to happen but Joe gave it a thumbs up any way. I'm still in the Curry's bandwagon considering it's his first year as a head coach with a lot of things to juggle in his team, they still find a way to compete and win against the top contenders team.

As the rocky mountains begin to turn into crystal ice, the Pistons are obviously still in tuning up. We'll have a better idea how they are as a team when the ice starts to melt when the winter folds.

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