Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Look Around the League

So many things, so little time. This is one of the most exciting weekend I've ever had that I actually didn't have time to catch up with this.
  • In Los Angeles, the spotlight is on Manny Pacquiao after beating Dela Hoya in a very unexpected ending. Who knew Dela Hoya would raise the white flag.....a sign of accepting defeat or maybe for the sake of avoiding getting someone seriously hurt.
  • The Pistons loss to Sixers on Friday after controlling almost the entire game except the last 3-5minutes of the game. They continued that streak today after the game against the Knicks. Like I said, I have to remind myself that the Pistons are in summer training camp, winning and losing any game would just serve as part of the training camp, but it will not serve as how the Pistons "DID" this season.
  • Hang in there coz Dyess is almost home. As early as tomorrow could be the time McDyess will be getting back to his old missed locker.
  • The A.I. and Billups trade may be judged based on the number of wins since the trade....but the conclusion is still blurry. Believe it or not, ESPN is actually opening their mind about that and not just looking at the stat.
  • Whatever people think about the A.I. and Billups trade, no one can deny the fact that the more meaningful games (the playoffs) aren't played yet, so hold your horses on who won this trade
  • Who would've thought that PacMan would make Dela Hoya look pathetic. Don't forget that Pacquiao is actually 3 division lower than Dela Hoya.

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