Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Run With the Stuck(ey)

Although A.I. broke 28 points against a win over the Wizards, Stuckey took 18 points on his own and led the team to a victory with a commanding 11 assists. The Pistons combined with 21 assists, a big evidence of ball movements that led them to win this one.
  • Stuckey was just amazing. The assists and points he contributes to the team is secondary, being a facilitator on the offense, especially between Rip and A.I. is beyond expectation.

  • The ball movement was amazing especially towards the end of the 4th quarter when Pistons were just ahead below double digit.
  • The behind the pass from A.I. to Dyess.......CRAZY!
  • McDyess was alive and kicking. It didn't look like he had a month off not considering the mental process transitioning. He almost broke his usual double-double 10 points, 9 rebounds. By the way...did I mentioned 3 swats
  • The defense was as good as the offense. I didn't see any miss coverage in the second half and the help defense was always there. Similar to the offense, everyone was actively moving without the ball and did extra passing which led to high percentage shots.
  • A.I. was all night disrupting Wizards' defense
  • Curry couldn't be a little more relief after seeing Stuckey help him solve some of the riddles between A.I. and Rip's co-existence in the scoring machine world.
  • Prince chipped in 14 points while Rip had 12 points but had to shoot 13 shots
  • Wallace another Tech
  • A.I.'s limping just means 28points

The Pistons did not redo their mistakes from the last time they played the Wizards. Although they were a little slow in the first few minutes of the second half, they basically turned the corner and passed the Wizards. The ball movement was great while everyone were moving/running without the ball, and the defense was pretty alive. Lets see if they could have a back-to-back game with consistent defensive intensity when the Utah Jazz visits this Friday.

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