Friday, December 26, 2008

A Look Around The League

  • A heart broken lost in Phoenix against their nemesis, the Spurs
  • Is it me or ABC just made the Celtics/Lakers game a big deal, its over kill
  • What can I say, the Lakers stopped the Celtics' 20th winning streak...We're never gonna hear the end of it......Unless I remind them their first lost this season....Sweet!
  • 40 points for Stuckey against the Bulls......What I like about him is his consistency ever since getting into the starting line up.
  • Another rumor thrown involving Pistons, acquiring Boozer from Jazz.......Not in a million years, as far as this season is concern.
  • Pistons will be hosting the Oklahoma Thunder tonight at 8PM eastern time. Lets see how Stuckey runs the team against Kevin Durant's team, both of which their second year as an NBA player.

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