Saturday, December 13, 2008

Losing Streak Ends

The Pistons ended their 3 losing streak after disposing the Indiana Pacers, one of the most efficient offensive team this season. Although the game was not a must win, there was a sense of urgency that you can sense from the Pistons and my hunch is not just to end the losing streak but to create an atmosphere of "we could play better than we played the last three games" attitude. The best way to prove that is to get a win. Final score 114-110.
  • Pistons' dynamic guard trio combined for 66 points and 25 assists
  • Dyess was on fire with 14 points with a field goal of 7 for 12
  • Season high for Stuckey, 21 points along with 8 dimes. He only missed 1 shot out of 8. Did I mention 4 for 5 behind the arc
  • The game was not decided until the last minute
  • It's a relief and a refreshing feeling to get out of the losing streak
  • Evidently, defense was the key to winning this game, not the Pistons offense. They made stops at the end to seal the deal
  • Rip led the team with 28 points
  • A.I. with a double-double, 17 points and 12 assist. Many of the dimes went on a pick-and-roll with Dyess, a sign of good chemistry and knowing to pick the right spot
  • Wallace may not have scored throughout the game, but he did when it mattered. Seven points on the last six minutes of the game
  • Bynum chipped in 10 points
  • Stuckey was running/calling the plays......So far, this experiment of inserting him in the starting line up is working well. This gives a big pressure off of A.I. and Rip and to just stay as natural scorers

This game was starting to look similar to the previous games that after getting a reasonable lead to put the game away, the Pistons started to fall. The only difference tonight is the defensive stops that led to high percentage shots. Lets hope that they'll take this momentum in less than 24 hour as another back-to-back game this season against a team who's committed to defense, Larry Brown and the Bobcats with new addition Raja Bell and Boris Diaw.

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