Monday, December 29, 2008

No Such Thing as Magic

The Pistons have won their fourth winning streak and also made an ending to Magic's seventh winning streak coming into the Palace tonigh. Howard was held to one point the entire first half but scored 13 points in the 3rd quarter.
  • Pietrus dunk was awesome....except the price he paid for was a wrist injury. Looks worst than it is
  • 5 Pistons in double fig
  • First I was surprise that Kwame didn't play, but then I realize how Maxiell held his ground against Howard during last years' playoff
  • Stuckey once again led the team...this time with team high of 19 points. More importanly, the balance offensive attack.
  • Howard 18 points and 18 rebounds....Pretty typical, pretty impressive
  • Rip sat down to give another game rest his groin injury from the last two games
  • Wallace continue to drain 3s

Completing a 4th winning streak is an evident of a huge progress, at least for the Pistons considering that they are in summer camp mode ever since A.I. came along. Curry had to alter the starting line up, where the last time he did was injecting Stuckey in the starting line up. The Pistons did become a better team with him, not because of Stuckey being in the starting line up but because of running the point, and being the facilitator. This gives A.I. and the rest of the team operate and look for their spots in a better way.

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