Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pistons' Look Under Curry Next Year

How will the Detroit Pistons operate under new head coach Michael Curry? Close to a month ago, when he was announced as the new head coach, my gut feeling that his coaching style would be something like this:

A defensive caliber team that will bring home a championship. I'm thrilled and excited on Curry's style of play on rebuilding the Pistons because from this point on, I expect him to demand defensive intensity both from the starters and the bench.

I didn't get to see the entire press conference when he was introduce to the public......But after seeing it so far I'm glad I was right about my gut feeling and offcourse my wishful thinking of him as a coach that emphasize on defense. I'm more thrilled and excited for the Detroit Pistons style of play. He stated: Rebound, Scoring in the Paint, Post Up and defense are things that wins championship. These were all elaborated in the video forward to 1:35.

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