Monday, July 28, 2008

Is Kwame Bad Boy Enough?

News in the trade market is that Kwame Brown is departing Memphis and heading to Detroit. The bad news??? There isn't really, the only possible bad news it could bring is the rotation of the front court meaning the development growth of Amir Johnson, Cheik Samb and even Jason Maxiell. I'm not worried about that, I trust Michael Curry enough to manage that scenario. The good news??? Nobody will be traded for him as what everyone is expecting. This deal did not come as a sign-in-trade deal instead Kwame will be signing a two year deal worth $8 million. Not bad, considering few players in the market got more than their Mid-Level Exception. Is he the answer to finally get over the hump of Eastern Conference Finals? Maybe not, but I have a good feeling about this. Lets reminds ourselves that Joe would never acquire anyone without the desire to win even in the verge of making sacrifices. Just imagine how Wallace (6 foot 11, 230 pounds) and Kwame (6 foot 11, 270 pounds) would be like in the court under Michael Curry's guidance --INTERIOR DEFENSE.

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