Monday, July 21, 2008

Pistons Has The High Cards Now

So far, these are the movement that occured this summer.
July 19: Nets acquire Keyon Dooling
July 19: Warriors add Ronny Turiaf
July 18: Clips sign Azubuike to offer sheet
July 17: Bucks sign Lue, Malik Allen
July 16: Celtics sign Patrick O'Bryant
July 15: Clippers acquire Camby
July 15: Magic sign Anthony Johnson
July 13: Wizards re-sign Gilbert Arenas
July 11: Spurs sign Roger Mason
July 11: Nets agree with Najera, Hayes
July 11: Mavs re-sign Antoine Wright
July 10: Brent Barry signs with Rockets
July 10: Corey Maggette joins Warriors
July 10: Magic sign Mickael Pietrus
July 10: Clippers sign Baron Davis
July 9: Sixers add Elton Brand
July 9: Grizzlies ink Marc Gasol
July 9: Kings re-sign Udrih
July 9: Raptors re-sign Jose Calderon
July 9: Mavs sign Diop, re-sign Barea
July 9: Wolves acquire Carney, Booth
July 9: Raptors obtain Jermaine O'Neal
July 9: Heat sign James Jones
July 9: Blazers, Pacers make a deal
July 9: Knicks sign Chris Duhon
July 9: Hornets extend Chris Paul
June 30: Wizards extend Jamison
June 26: Wolves & Grizz swap picks, vets
June 26: Bucks acquire Richard Jefferson

Pistons Move? ZERO. Majority of the Pistons fans are like "What about Detroit, who are we getting?" But more importantly, "When, when when!!!?" Pistons fans are starting to get impatient after all the moves that the other teams made. Part of it is because of the statement that Joe Dumars made during Flip Saunder's termination. After reading Keith's analysis of Joe's perspective, I'm delighted that Joe is actually looking into the market really carefully and making sure he makes a deal that would make the Pistons better. Better than what was accomplish for the past few years and that's multiple appearances in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Take a look at this from Dumars’ perspective. He has a 59-win team with plenty of room for internal growth, thanks to the recent shrewd drafting of Rodney Stuckey, Arron Afflalo, Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson and Cheikh Samb at spots well below what their current market value would dictate. He has a new coach with a steely aura that could go a long way toward dispelling the emotional inertia that’s settled in among his veterans. He’s in the Eastern Conference, significantly improved but still not as top-heavy as the West, where winning 50 games doesn’t guarantee a playoff berth.

Now think about life if you’re sitting in the GM’s chair in places like Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Utah or a handful of other Western franchises. The Lakers are adding 7-footer Andrew Bynum to the reigning conference champions, San Antonio remains a colossus and New Orleans just added valuable vet James Posey to a young core headlined by Chris Paul.
A lot of teams on the other side of the Mississippi figure to be gripped by the fear that standing pat is a sure way of ceding ground. They might not have great confidence that a trade will put them over the top, but many of them are going to be willing to roll the dice for a deal that could propel them in either direction over inactivity that locks them into second-tier status.

That gives Dumars the high ground as he goes hunting a trade. He’s not looking to fleece anyone’s pockets. He has value to offer in exchange for value. But he goes to market knowing his sense of urgency is at least matched and probably exceeded by that of his potential trade partners.

In addition, Joe has the upper hand around the trade market. When it comes to quality players, Pistons' have more than one......Not 2, not 3, but four quality players that are on the trade table. Three all-stars and one US Olympic Basketball Team member. I can't think of any team who would be in the trading block with this much value. It's almost the same as playing poker and having 4 high cards, whether they're aces or kings. Let's see which team goes first on proposing a deal to Joe. All we need to do is wait and see who's gonna' fold.

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