Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Look Around The League

Free Agent Market Sells Out
July 9th is the first day for the Free Agents to be able to sign with the team of their choice....The result? Big names in the Free Agents Class of 2008-2009 has given the media an idea which team they're heading....Read More

Stuckey Is All Grown Up
If you think The Summer League, 2007-2008 Season and the Eastern Conference finals is more than enough for Stuckey to be known, think again. US Basketball Olympics are eyeing on him as well....Read More

Left Over In The Market
After names of Brand, Davis, Magette, O'Neal etc. there are only few worth players mentioning in the headlines. Josh Smith would be my first vote in the number one spot left in the market. I would love to have him in Detroit but its a long shot for them. ...Read More

Not In A Hurry
As the (Free Agent) Market begins to run out of fish for sale, Dumars is not in a hurry to add additional role players in his roster. Besides, have we forgotten what said to the media? He's not interested with team's second or third best player. A perfect example of that is the billups-melo talks. With that in mind, Joe is waiting for this free market to close or/and how it will affect other teams who did not make a move. Remember, there are still teams that needs tweaking or/and needs a big change if they really want to make a run for the playoffs or/and the title....Read More

Reviving The Passion For A Title
Joe's vision of his Pistons team to show up next season, whether its the same core or not.

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