Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Ice....Still Not Melted

It may not be zero below degree in the west, but in the east better have a good reason worth it enough to fight the snow just go outside the house. Pistons are still far away from finishing up their summer camp mode. The Pistons seven winning streak not too long ago was a sign of consistency on both ends of the floor however, this does not suggest that they are done with the summer camp mode that they started ever since the billups-iverson trade. At the same time, this does not suggest that progress hasn't been achieved. In fact there are, here are few of them
  • Curry did not just filled the point guard position, but awaken Stuckey's development off the chart
  • McDyess' consistency of nearly double-double a game has come back to life
  • Curry realized and admitted that Amir's presence in the line-up gives them a better look on defense.
  • Prince' continue to be the most consistent player in the team
  • The A.I. -- Pistons marriage is starting to look like a marriage
  • Technical fouls came down......a little bit

And the challenges.....?

  • There is no way that Pistons are going into the playoffs with A.I. and Rip in the starting line up.......Something has to be done
  • As I mentioned, Amir is better off in the line up if Pistons expect consistent defense and help defense...but the kid's foul issue early in the game is a conflict to relying on him
  • Prince's is an amazing player AS A SMALL FORWARD........he's body is not built as a power forward
  • A.I.'s injection to the team revitalize Rasheed's three pointer, due to A.I.'s attacking the opponent defense, but shouldn't Rasheed gets a fair share of being set up in the post?
  • Curry needs to make a decision on who will be in the starting line up and stick with's hard enough to mix A.I. in the team, but its even harder to keep changing the rotation and starting line up unless he's still experimenting.....I hope not, or if he is, I hope it'll be done very soon because its almost February.
  • A.I. = could produce more points and create his own shot but less of a defender, Rip = way better defender than A.I. but less of a "create his own shot" type of player

Pistons are going to be featured several times this week on National TV...maybe this is what they just need unless they want to get embarass in national stage.

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