Sunday, January 18, 2009

Proposal To Joe Dumars Part I

After Pistons' five losing streak, people in Pistons land are on the edge of becoming panic.....very usual especially with all the changes had happen this season. There are three common protest that you can hear from the fans and columnist. Who Starts, Another Trade Deal and Fire Michael Curry. The last two has been consistent in the voice of the Pistons people, but the issue on who should be in the starting line-up has never really came up. Part I of this segment will cover on Who Starts.With the question whether the Pistons should go small or big has been the controversy around the Curry's regime. Here's a fair suggestion on who should start.

If the Pistons are playing the Suns, Lakers, Celtics or the likes
SF: Prince
PF: Wallace
C: Brown
PG: Stuckey
SG: Hamilton

If the Pistons are playing Golden State, Magic or the likes
SF: Prince
PF: Johnson
C: Wallace
PG: Stuckey
SG: Iverson

These two different line up does not suggest that one is a small ball line up and one is a big ball line up. First, the key is keeping Prince as a small forward and Stuckey as a true point guard while Wallace becomes the floater on two big positions. Theoretically, TEAM 1 suggest that if the Pistons are playing a team with a big shooting guard with a big front court that Brown and Hamilton's presence is necessary for defensive intensity. TEAM 2 suggest that if the Pistons are playing opponents with a small shooting guard with a small frontcourt that Iverson's scoring ability may be more useful than his defense and Johnson as well. In essence, SG and PF positions are flexible depending on who they are playing:

Mandatory Starters: Wallace, Prince Stuckey
Starters Dependent on Opponent: Brown, Johnson, Hamilton, Iverson

Originally, this was Curry's plan and experiement in the very beginning of the season, except it was just revolving between Johnson and Brown. Now that Iverson came, it wouldn't be a bad idea to apply the same to Iverson and Hamilton.

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