Friday, January 9, 2009

Together Again

A very emotional night in Denver with the game against the Pistons, the team that Billups led to six consecutive Eastern Conference Finals. Although Billups were playing the way he does (30 points), tonight was a different story. The Pistons managed to come up with a win until the last seconds of the game. Final score 90-93.
  • Thanks to Afflalo for making all the free throw shots in the last seconds of the game
  • Prince may have committed some TO, but he gave the Pistons something to fired up about when he made their last FG
  • The defense picked up in the 2nd half....Personally, that's what got the Pistons over the hump where they were down the whole entire game, except the last minute.
  • No excuse for the Pistons to be playing like this, even with Sheed and Rip's absence, not because Melo didn't play either, but because Pistons defense doesn't just rely on them.
  • Pistons needs to have a freethrow drill practice with the exception of Afflalo. The team combined for 27 for 40.....That's terribly 67.5%
  • A quiet night for Stuckey with 9 points but his buddy Afflalo compensate for him and came up with 17 points
  • A.I. led the team with 23 points
  • Dyess dominated the board with 12 rebounds

Back to back for Detroit heading to Utah tonight for tomorrows game. Will they finally get over the curse in Utah by getting a win? We'll see.

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