Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Energy

I'm not even going to view the stat of the Dallas-Detroit game last night. Detroit's energy was just simply dead on water.
  • What's the thought process of Curry staying on Prince to guard Dirk, after continuing to score easier than reciting the ABC
  • Do we still have Rasheed in our team? I can't seem to find him.
  • Stuckey and A.I. on the backcourt staring line up....that's because of their attack mode and able to create their own shot....Stuckey were just doing fine with that, but his TO was a different story....A.I. forcing it and shooting jump shot instead of going to the teeth of the defense was nowhere to be found
  • If Pistons' practice on Thursday was about defending pick and roll, then they must've practice on how to allow opponents score....I can't imagine the points Dallas got of off pick and roll.
  • In general, the Pistons' defense was harder to find than looking for Bush' staff in DC
  • Did Curry forget that the best defender that we had on Dirk was Walter?
  • It was only the second game with the new permanent (right!) starting line up, but not having the intensity on both ends of the floor is no excuse

I expect to have a better Pistons team this Sunday against the Rockets, not that I care but there will be more eyes on it since it's on national tv once again. It may or may not be a treat for out of town Pistons fans depending on how they perform.

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