Friday, April 3, 2009

A Lesson to Learn as a Pistons

Well there ya have it! As expected by most people in Pistons land, including myself, that Iverson's season is over. After a loss to the Nets on Wednesday, Iverson began expressing how he dislike his role playing off the bench, getting him in a hurry while he was injured but only played him 18 minutes, and emphasizing that he deserves to play as a starter, otherwise, he'll retire.......Guess what happened in the next 48 hours? Pistons President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars announced today that according to the medical staff, he won't be able to play to his level due to the continuation of his back problem injury. Lets not be naive to this situation. We both know how Dumars and Iverson functions. Believe it or not it's pretty simple, Dumars wouldn't allow anyone or anything to get Pistons distracted from winning while Iverson wouldn't allow anything or anyone to get on his way the way he wants to play, at least for now. Do the math and its all self explanatory not to mention how many games Pistons have won without Iverson compare to when he was playing. The lesson learned is Joe Dumars wouldn't tolerate any drama in the Pistons locker room before it becomes a contagious cancer.

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