Thursday, April 16, 2009

David and Goliath

Not so long ago, David and Goliath would still be a perfect analogy of the Pistons and the Cavs. Today, it still is, except this time Lebron and the Cavs are the superior team where the Pistons are the inferior team which makes them David with a sling shot rock. This is by far the most predictable outcome that reporters, analysts and fans have made in the first round of this playoff. The Pistons has no chance period. And when I said by far, I mean its by far more than the biggest upset when the Pistons defeated the Lakers in 2004 in 5 games. Why? Because the Pistons have been inconsistent this year, not to mention their undecided rotation and revolving injury around the team. Also, a rookie coach along with a Allen Iverson (future hall of famer, scratch that) and a young point guard Rodney Stuckey that replaced a proven floor manager, Chauncey Billups. Oh, did I mention Wallace technical fouls? So there ya have it! Why in the world would anybody think that Pistons might have a chance of this series, when there's a clear indication that they are not build for the playoffs. In fact, some stated that they shouldn't be in the playoffs and they're lucky that they are.

Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions of a chance?

Well, mathematically speaking, the chances of Pistons defeating the Cavs may be slim....But then someone would have to explain and convince me why in the world there's people out there who keeps winning the lottery? I don't understand. Unless there's a conspiracy theory that I'm not aware of. What most people are forgetting was last year, Pistons defeated Orlando Magic with the same starting line up as this year. I do understand that the Magic and Cavs are two different teams, but they are both the superior team in the East, along with Boston. If Pistons are going to want to get a shot at this, they're going to have to wear the same armor they wore last year, when their floor general Chauncey Billups went down but won the series anyway.

An Airplane With One Pilot

Teams like the Lakers, Magic, Heat, and Celtics have each one pilot. Kobe, Howard, Dwade, and KG. Well so as the Cavs. Do we really think that any of these team could play the way they've been playing without they're one and only Pilot? Now that's an easier questions to answer. Boston Celtics is a perfect example when KG isn't playing the way he has been and what's worst he may not even suit up for the rest of the post season. With Cavs main anchor, Lebron, who's going to drive the lane to break the Pistons defense? Williams, West, Ilausgaskas, Gibson, or may be Varejao? Forget it! Lebron James is the frame of the Cavs, without him, they wont last on the road not even for just a test drive.

A Match Up Made In Heaven for the Cavs?

Statistically speaking yes. If the Cavs translate they're consistency from the regular season to the post season it would be a walk in the park for them to pass the Pistons. It would have to start no other than Lebron James because if not, the Cavs will find themselves being draged from the ground.

An Opportunity to Embrace
This is a familiar territory for the Detroit Pistons, especially for Prince, Hamilton and Wallace. A place where they have been so many times, especially comparing it to the "against all odd" situation they faced during the NBA Finals of 2004. All bets were Pistons were going to get swept, but all the Pistons really needed was a one win to build an unstoppable momentum. With the rest of the cast, they should embrace this opportunity because one win out of the first 2 games in Cleveland is all it takes to smell the blood in the sea. Besides, all it took from David to defeat Goliath was just a swing of his sling shot.

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