Friday, March 27, 2009

Help Is On Its Way

For the past few weeks, the Pistons is no different than the Sesnon Fire that occured last year here in Socal.

The group of fire fighter = The shorthanded Pistons
The Mayor/Gov = Joe Dumars/Michael Curry
DC-10 jet fire fighter = Rip, AI and Wallace
Wind = The lingering injuries between Rip, AI and Wallace

Well, its a similar situations. The shorthanded Pistons could only do so much to ease the fire. Dumars and Curry cannot do or demand to put out the fire since the lingering injuries is like a wind that gust throughout the fire that prevents Rip, AI and Wallace to completely put out the fire.
Today, that wind has left and the jet fighters are about to take off. Finally, a breathing moment.

AUBURN HILLS -- For the first time in at least a couple of weeks, Arnie Kander is seeing real progress with his three wounded warriors, to the point where two of them might be ready to play by Saturday.
Kander, the Pistons physical therapist, has been running a sort of boot camp for Allen Iverson (back), Rasheed Wallace (calf) and Richard Hamilton (groin) the past couple of days and he came away very encouraged from the session Thursday morning.
"They all ran and they all looked good," Kander said. "There was real progress today and I am hoping that Rip and Rasheed can be back by the weekend."
Coach Michael Curry said the same thing.
"I expect Rip back on Saturday (in Washington) and 'Sheed maybe Saturday," he said.
"And we hope we can get Allen back at the beginning of next week."
Coach Michael Curry said the same thing.
Wallace missed his ninth game Thursday and Hamilton his sixth.
Iverson, who missed his 15th, isn't as close to returning, though Kander said he had one of his best days Thursday.
"He really shot the ball well," Kander said. "He was hitting 90 percent of his shots in the drills we were running.
"He looks good. I don't know if he will play Saturday, but maybe he will be ready when we get back (Sunday)."
The Pistons are 2-7 since Wallace joined Iverson on the injured list.
They are 1-6 with all three players out.

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