Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Darkest Hour

When the Pistons has fallen to their eight consecutive loss a few weeks ago, the news around the Pistons land was "its over". That changed in matter of less than 48 hours after beating the NBA champion Celtics, sweeping the Magic in the regular season and winning a game against their former floor general Chauncey BIllups' Nuggets. Yesterday, things has started to slip again after losing two consecutive game against a non-playoff contender, the Knicks and the Grizzlies. However, the two losing streak were all fair-considered that it wouldn't take away their hopes, their confidence and their determination that as the Pistons' "It's time to work" attitude will once again prevail, not until they found out what's bothering their leading scorer and leading in assist has been enduring. Rip has been lingering his groin injury which explains why his shooting slump began to be a concern for the past two games. This was reported right before the game against the Dallas on the road. After dropping on the seventh playoff spot every game is critical that this has to be the darkest hour the Pistons have encountred this season with Rip, Wallace and A.I. out of the line up.

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