Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Curry's Offensive Playbook

Just got back from Big Bear Cali and I was expecting the Pistons have won a game during Saturday, that is if they had a game, apparently they didn't which gives me a chance to see a game against the Cavs, what a treat. Not! It's 39 seconds left at the end of first half and the score is 65-31 Pistons down. Amazing, yet expected.

Not that I'm jumping out of the Curry's bandwagon, but I'm convince that his offensive playbook has to be very ridiculus. How can a team with having one of the greatest offensive player (A.I.) in the league unable to get set to score? How can Wallace (the only guy who's reliable above the arc this season) began stalling on scoring both inside and outside? How can Prince barely participate in the offensive stat after being the most consistent player for the last six season? How can Stuckey, the number one offensive threat from Washington unable to score decently? To top it, the Zoo Crew has completely been wipe out in the air, Maxiell, Amir and Afflalo can only score because of their hustle and almost for just being at the right place at the right time. This concludes that Curry's offensive playbook has been written all over the continuous losing skid of the Pistons. In other words, having A.I., Rip, Wallace, Prince, Stuckey and McDyess as the guaranteed players on the rotation producing one of the worst scoring points is clearly unacceptable. He's offensive playbook is beyond terrible.

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