Tuesday, February 17, 2009


One more day and every team in the NBA this season will have to go to war (playoffs) with what they got, that is offcourse if you are chosen to go to it.
  • Speaking of making it to the playoffs, the Pistons are in danger of losing that spot....a lost to a crappy team at home is a really bad sign...just few games ahead to the last spot
  • After a lost to the Bucks, I'm convince Joe is working the phone for a trade.....otherwise, he'll have to watch the Pistons swim or drown
  • The Curry bandwagon is extremely beginning to hit the big bumps throwing everybody out
  • The only exact same thing that I've seen this season from the last few season are Dyess and Rip.....to sum up in one word, Consistency. The rest, at this point are pretty questionable. What's going on?
  • At this point there's only two ways if the Pistons are to win enough games to make it to the playoffs. First is if Joe D makes a trade before the deadline and get a similar result when Rasheed Wallace came or even better similar to Paul Gasol coming to LA. The other way is Joe doesn't make any trade and just hope the Pistons finally turns it up, but again this has been the hopes from the beginning of the season.

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