Monday, February 16, 2009


I just got back from Phoenix Arizona for the All Star 2009 and it was the greatest basketball game (and show) I've ever been! It's one of those thing you HAVE to go once in your life! Thanks to M!
  • I was eyeing A.I. for few times during the game, other than his new haircut, he had a 1-3minutes of hugs and conversation with Bill Russell about "?" I wish I knew, but whatever it was, I hope it was a word of wisdom. We'll see how A.I. driven passion gets implemented to the Pistons
  • Kobe and Shaq together again & shared the MVP award....It's hard not to think its all for publicity purposes
  • Seeing CP3 playing on TV is pretty good, but in person, he's just crazy awesome. The point guard position belongs to him for the next decade. Nevermind the miss dunk, he did a lob dunk!
  • After watching the game on TV from Tivo(ing) it, I notice that Lebron was goofing around too much during Colangelo's speech...He did stop after he was told by someone when he nod his head of indicating he'll stop with an apology. I'm guessing it was Mike Brown. Very immature but funny, then I realize, hey he's only 24
  • Celebrities extravaganza. It's almost like the red carpet in Hollywood
  • Alex Acker sent to Clippers. Does Joe have a next move? Based on his previous trading transaction in the past, usually a trade like this is followed by another one
  • Dyess takes a shot of the starting line up. I love it! Not just because it'll make Wallace's job a lot easier by covering less part of the paint but because of the energy and passion he puts on his team. He's giving everything he got. I hope it's contagious.

3 Days to go, clock ticking, I have no doubt in my mind that GMs are working the phone

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