Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pistons Fired Up On All Cylinders

Last night the Pistons decided to dictate their effort based on the versatility of their line-up. This is not a one man-show. Eleven Pistons played and eight scored in the first half, as a result, the Pistons were running on all cylinder giving their first win for the season 100-94 while giving their debut coach Michael Curry a great way to start the season. Tayshaun Prince led the team with 19 points four rebounds and three assists. It seems like Tay is still in the Olympic Basketball mode. As for the 2 young blood that Curry unleashed, Johnson came up with six rebounds, 6 points and what he does best is 3 block shot. Stuckey chipped in eight points and four assist in less than 17 minutes.

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