Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tough Love

During the Pistons' practice on Tuesday, Kwame Brown and Rasheed Wallace exchanged harsh words..but no worries, Sheed was just giving him a warm welcome and support to help the kid become one of 'em, a Pistons' Bad Boy. Here are the details from Chris McCosky of Detroit News.

AUBURN HILLS -- If Kwame Brown didn't know before, he knows now. Playing against Rasheed Wallace, even in a training camp scrimmage, can be an exasperating and deafening experience.
Wallace went at Brown full-throttle at the end of practice Tuesday. It started when Brown said that he would put Wallace "in the trunk and lock him up."
Wallace went off.

"There is no way on God's green earth that you can lock me up, ever, ever, ever," he said. "You couldn't lock me up in when you were in D.C. or L.A., nowhere. You're lucky you never had to face me in high school." Brown hooted on Wallace for sitting out the last couple of minutes of the scrimmage, telling him, "Go get your rest, old man."
That only fired Wallace up more. "Yeah, I need my rest because I am working. I'm not out there lollygagging like you," Wallace shouted. Brown soon scored on two aggressive plays, but Wallace wasn't impressed. "Yeah, Kwame, two baskets in two-and-a-half hours," he said.
After practice, Wallace put his arm around Brown and the two exchanged a laugh. Coach Michael Curry loved every minute of it. "'Sheed is just testing (Brown)," Curry said. "All great players, in their own way, find a way to challenge their teammates to see if they can handle it. They want to know they can depend on that player come game time."
By all accounts, Brown passed the test. "It was fun," Brown said. "'Sheed is going to make me better by challenging me in practice." When asked how he managed to keep his temper in check, Brown said, "It's all in how you perceive it. You can't look at it like that. He's trying to make me better. It actually fires you up instead of doing the opposite." Plus, he feels he won his point. "I told 'Sheed that I put him in the trunk and he did not score," Brown said. "He didn't want to talk about that. Just because you are the loudest guy doesn't mean you were right."

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