Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Happen During The 5 Straight Loss

Need of immediate Point Guard
I would think the lack of the frontline scoring would be the number one problem during the five straight loss right? Not quite. Stuckey is currently the starting poing guard, but does that mean he's the ideal point guard the Pistons should start? As much as many people think he's as good as he gets (6-5 ft, 200+ point guard), maybe, but not as a point guard. Being a point guard is very similar to being a quarter back, and for the last 5 games, he seems lost. He calls for play, but he doesn't really have the instinct as a natural point guard. I would take Will Bynum any time of the day over Stuckey to play as a point guard but I do understand that Bynum needs to lead the bench since Gordon is not available to lead the bench since he's starting due to the lack of Rip/Prince starting.

Frontline Lack of Offense
If I have to pick top two players in the frontline it would be Ben Wallace and Charlie V. (CV) But as far as scoring, CV would be the only frontcourt player scoring for the Pistons. The rest (Maxiell, Wilcox, Brown), its a blur. In fact, if you get the other frontcourt players other than CV score more than 8, that would a perfect day. But expect them to score less than 10 points combine per game. Given the fact that CV is the only offensive force, it would be unfair to expect the guy to score 20+ points per game. Not to mention guarding the PF spot where its not easy....Their past 5 games, he had to guard, Nowitzki, Odom, Aldridge, Boozer and Stoudemire.

Small Ball Will Never Work
Although Golden State almost pulled it off after beating the Mavs in the playoffs, it all comes down to size and strength. Pistons is no exception. When Pistons plays Gordon, Bynum and Stuckey at the same time, usually, the Pistons is sending a message that they need to score even if it means shortening their defense. Well, that may work, but most of the time it won't.

The Value of Richard Hamilton (Rip)
There was a time that the Pistons were involved in some sort of trade rumor about Prince or Rip maybe in the trading block, especially after they've won few games and that may be in need of help in the frontcourt. In the past decade, the Pistons have relied on Rip's running curl to open up space in their offense and distrupt and scramble the opponents' defense. This creates opportunities for the other four players in the court, especially their frontline, where Rasheed Wallace and McDyess made their scoring living during their run in Detroit. This is no different to CV and Ben Wallace. Until then, the Pistons offense wouldn't be difficult to defend since all opponents have to worry about is the penetration of Will, Gordon and Stuckey.

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