Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boozer...? Thanks but No Thanks.

I found this from Chris McCosky, one of the sources that I consider pretty accurate.

About Boozer
You are going to keep seeing the Pistons named in rumors about possible trade scenarios involving Carlos Boozer. I am going to keep telling you what I have been writing for the past month. The Pistons just aren't that into Boozer -- the size of his expiring contract is an issue, as is his fragility. They are certainly not into him if it costs them Tayshaun Prince or Richard Hamilton. I had a brief chat with Joe Dumars Friday and he confirmed just that.
Could that change? Anything can change. But I wouldn't expect it to change this summer.

I'd have to say I couldn't be happier for this decision. The fact that Boozer knows it's he's last year, I'm not sure if he'll really give everything he'll got to the team he'll be moving to for only a year, especially if it's gonna' cause Prince or Hamilton? Forget it. I'm all for it if Boozer has at least 2 years left.

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