Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blockbuster Trade, Who To Rule Out

Well at this time we can finally rule out few of the blockbuster trade rumor that's been swarming around in PistonLand just weeks ago.

1) Emeka Okafor -- Right when Larry Brown became a head coach of the Bobcats, it didn't take long until Rasheed Wallace got into the mix of being traded for Okafor. There was a bond between Brown and Sheed coach/player relationship while on the other side, Okafor didn't accept the offer Bobcats had in mind at the time. However, now we put it all behind after Okafor re-signing.

2) Ron Artest -- Are you kidding me? After the brawl at the Palace did we really expect Joe to take him on his wings. As much as I know how good of a player he is, he may not start another brawl but he may start a tension in the locker room where Stuckey and the youngs are mandatory to filled with positive mentors. Furthermore, he's agreed verbally to sign a deal with Houston Rockets.

3) Tracy McGrady -- Ron Artest's eventual arrival to the Rockets will make Tmac very happy, in fact he is looking forward to playing with RonRon already. Tmac's conversation with ESPN a few weeks ago revealed that he wouldn't mind playing for the Pistons and has a high regards towards Joe Dumars. All these faded away after Artest' agreement with the Rockets.

If we know who to rule out on a blockbuster deal, we can easily determine who can be in a blockbuster deal

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